Who We Are...

The Mission & Vision

Promoting Healing, Wholeness, and Freedom Through Our Artistic Approach to Holistic Health and Well-Being.

Our vision is to see people walking in healing, wholeness, and freedom.  The healing of emotional wounds, wholeness & soundness of mind, and freedom from their past traumas – this is why we exist!  We recognize the impact of past traumas, as we see people unable to meet their own basic day-to-day needs.  We envision the communities that we serve, replete with mentally and emotionally healthy contributors to society!

Our program offerings are designed to address the most common mental and physical needs within the communities we serve.  From substance abuse to domestic violence, we are meeting people where they are.  Our Flagship program, “Her New L.E.A.F.” – a 9-month life transformation program for victimized women,  offers emotional and mental support via a hybrid of art & traditional therapy, from licensed clinicians. In addition, we are providing invaluable skillset training in the areas of finance, entrepreneurship, parenting, and more, all of which are facilitated by both local and national field experts.

As an arts-based organization, we stand on our firm belief that the arts play a huge role in the overall health and well-being of each individual.  That said, we approach every individual who trusts us to walk with them on their journey, CREATIVELY.  This shows up in the Her New L.E.A.F. program, and is the core of our COLLIDEascope program.  COLLIDEascope is our Art Education, Art Advocacy, and Artist Development program, designed for Men, Women, and Children.  Different clinics, workshops, and performance opportunities are offered year-round for the education and development of our creatives, and the advocacy of the ARTS!